Divine Technology : The Harmonic Secret of Living Forms

In four presentations based on her book Harmony, the heartbeat of creation, Monique Pommier shares a path to the primal pattern of nature’s forms, which she uncovered while inquiring into the mystery of number 12. What emerges from looking at the forms of nature with an eye for their hidden sameness is the archetypal pattern of the spherical vortex. The kinship of this pattern with Steiner’s lemniscate lights up the inner dynamic of “consciousness” common to all forms of being. It also imbues our awareness of the day/night and earthly/cosmic cycles of the human “I” with a new quality of intimacy with the spirit world.

Engaging insights from Goethe, Steiner, Plato, Kepler, cymatics, we will approach such central mysteries as the primal phenomenon of the appearing of Life into form; the unique “means” that vehiculate Being in physical organisms, weave matter with soul and unite self with world; the cosmological enigma of 1 3 7 12, which Steiner refers to as the “spiritual music” of the human being.

Realizing how every form of being, from atomic to galactic, deploys the same triune core of harmony, and expresses the same “breath-of-being” inspires a new ground of communion with the manifold breathing consciousness we are as a universe.

Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons