Progressing Towards Hygienic Occultism

MysTech Webinar Series
MysTech Webinar Series
Progressing Towards Hygienic Occultism

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Aristotle in his metaphysics made a wonderful statement, about like this: the form by which the physician treats the patient is health.  So, the physician should carry within him a living concept of health in order to cure with it. It is clear that as human beings we carry this living active concept within us as the ether body, which works beneficially in equilibrium disturbances within the sheaths of man. In our time, it is possible to already develop an awareness of this and take the first steps on the path to continuous self-healing. In the future, this will be an inborn quality of those born “east of the Rhine as far as Asia”. How do we develop a conscious healing principle already now?

About the Author

Mieke Mosmuller studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam and practiced as a doctor for over twenty-five years. Working with illness and death raised questions in her about the nature of life. Since 1994 she has been writing about the spiritualization of intelligence. Her first book, Seek the Light that Rises in the West, lays the philosophical foundation for her later novels and books on spirituality such as Posthumanism and Singularity. With the well-known Dutch comic, cabaret artist and poet Toon Hermans, she wrote Just God. She has published more than sixty books, most of which have been translated in German, some also in English, Danish and French. She has given lectures and workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and France.

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  1. From higher self to higher self was spoken, and inspiration for self healing was given. The Imagination I received was to visualise/ contemplate/ meditate upon yourself in your higher mind as a plant/ flower/ tree . Perceive Yourself as a seed-see yourself sprouting -see yourself growing into a fully developed mature plant/flower/tree – then see yourself diminishing- decomposing- turning into a fertilising agent for the next generation of either the plant you were-or another- again seed-sprouting-maturing-decomposing-fertilising. Taking this further-imagine yourself as a living cell- multiplying- becoming an animal/insect/ virus- growing- maturing- decomposing-becoming fertiliser. I personally have great fun imagining becoming a female octopus-sacrificing myself to become food for offspring when they hatch. Similarly I suggested to experiment becoming a diamond/ ore/lithium/platinum. Similarly I suggest to experiment coming out of the cosmic thunderstorm and becoming ether…enjoy 😘